Check Status of My Refund

Dec 17, 2015

Check Status of My Refund

Follow these instructions to get the status of your refund.

Please note that direct deposit is available only for the current tax year and only to a bank in the U.S.A. Most banks will only accept the deposit if all names listed on the refund are also listed on the bank account. This means that if your tax filing listed both you and your spouse, then the bank account must likewise list you and your spouse. Check with your bank manager for further details.

Direct deposit is available only for clients that listed their bank routing number and account number at the time of filing your tax return. The IRS cannot add the direct deposit information after the tax return has been filed.

• First, check the status of your tax refund online via this page from
Allow 45 days from posting your tax return by mail or 7 days from electronically filing to check the status.

• If the page does not provide information and you have filed your tax return (either electronically via our office or by mail), then call the IRS at +1-267-941-1000 (toll call). The service is available from 06:00 to 23:00 EST, or from 13:00 until late at night Israel time. For fastest service, call in the evening Israel time, or late afternoon EST.

• If the page indicates that your tax filing is under review, then you can call the IRS examinations department for further information at +1-267-941-1037 (toll call). The office opens at 10:00 EST or 17:00 Israel time. Ask the examinations representative for the name and phone number of the “tax compliance officer” assigned to your case, then let us know. Allow at least 120 days from filing your tax return before calling the examinations department.

Feel free to contact the office for further assistance on tracking your refund status.  


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