How to make a payment for Tax Due

Jan 25, 2016

There are a number of methods that one can use to make a payment to the IRS for tax due (or for estimated tax due). All methods are equally accepted by the IRS.  While “direct pay” is the best option for regular payments, not all expats have the required US bank account for this option.  Here are the pluses and minuses of the 3 options:
  1. US or international credit card  
    • plus – convenient; no US bank account required. 
    • minus – convenience fee of about 2%
  2. US dollar check
    • plus – no added fees, can be paid from any account (does not need to be the taxpayer’s account)
    • minus – delay time for mailing and processing the check
  3. Direct pay
    • plus – fast and no additional fees
    • minus – the taxpayer must have a US bank account
By US or international credit card:
  1. Open your internet browser to
  2. Follow the instructions:
    1. tax category = personal
    2. tax form = Form 1040 series for tax due / Form 1040ES for estimated payment
    3. tax form option = Tax Year
    4. Payment Amount = (your amount)
    5. Filing Location = Outside the US
  3. Click on continue to fill in your credit card information and complete the payment
  4. Send us a copy of the transaction
Note – the site charges a fee for the service (approximately 2%)See this IRS page for other available service providers: By US dollar check:
  1. Print the payment voucher included with your tax return. (for making a payment of estimated tax, print form, page 9. Fill in your name, SSN, address, and amount of payment on the form)
  2. Make the check out to “United States Treasury”
  3. Write the tax year, your name, and your SSN on the face of the check
  4. Post the check and voucher to “Internal Revenue Service; P.O. Box 1300; Charlotte, NC 28201-1300 USA” (if you live in the USA, please see the form instructions for the correct address)
 By Direct Pay:
  1. Open your internet browser to
  2. Select “Make a Payment”.
  3. Apply payment to “1040 – Tax Return – Tax Year”. (If making an estimated payment, select “1040ES – Estimated Tax – Tax Year”.)
  4. Fill in your personal information.
  5. Enter your payment information.
  6. Review, sign and confirm your payment.


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